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Judge resigns after controversial Confederate monument posts

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These six Atlanta cooking classes make great date ideas regardless of skill level in the kitchen The Cooking School at Irwin Street offers brunch classes, New Orleans-inspired fare, or even a soul food class Cooks Warehouse offers a variety of classes ranging from steakhouse or seafood to regional cuisine Learn how to make mozzarella or build a charcuterie board at Hal's Kitchen Cook for free at Pirch where a world-class chef gathers fresh ingredients from local farmers markets At Sur La Table, classes a
Former Mayor Andy Young talks about the fatal crash at Charlottesville protest last weekend.
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Fast Facts Judge Judy
Do you have woefully underdeveloped chest muscles? Here are some recommended exercises Try a combination of bench presses, incline bench presses and push-ups, with no more than 2 to 3 sets of each exercise Heavy lifting and a high-calorie diet can build muscle mass Too weak to do push-ups from the floor? Start with doing push-ups against a wall Push-ups are great for toning your triceps and for strengthening your core for a stronger back and better posture Lie on your back and bench press with dumbbells o
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Aetna in Talks With Apple to Give Customers Apple Watches
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