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Tim Feury (Courtesy of his family)

Tim Feury, 56: A lover of technology and dogs

A lover of technology, Tim Feury was always searching for the latest and greatest tablets, phones and electronic gadgets. “Sometimes he would order one, find a better one before it got here and be cancelling it to get a better one,” said Mary Feury, his wife of almost 10 years. ...

Robert Green Jr.

Robert Green Jr., 65: A southern gentleman known for his charisma

Friends and family remember Robert Green Jr. for his southern hospitality and charm. “He was always the life of the party,” said Green’s sister, Katherine Wolfe of Columbus, Ohio. “He seemed to draw people to him. He was very charismatic.” Green was born in South Carolina, and he spent most ...

John Jaramillo

John Jaramillo, 50: Taught various forms of dance

John Jaramillo danced out of pure joy, but he had as much fun teaching young people to express themselves by moving their arms, legs and torsos.For much of the last 20 years, he did a lot of his dancing and arts instruction in Atlanta.A Pueblo from New Mexico, he mastered ...

Mary Alice Howell Alexander Bevilaqua

Mary Alice Howell Alexander Bevilaqua, 66: History lover was ‘extraordinarily different’

It’s hard to describe Mary Alice Bevilaqua in just one word. Friends and family say she was a force of nature: brilliant, elegant and courageous, passionate about history, education and community involvement. She had integrity and valued respect and civility. “The thing that’s really difficult to do is portray the ...

Matt Moore

Matt Moore, 89: Dedicated to mission work in Honduras

On a whim, Matt Moore made the decision to go on a mission trip to Honduras, sparking a passion for service abroad that spanned almost a quarter of a century. Moore made nearly 40 trips to the country through Honduras Outreach International. He had a real love for the people ...

Robert “Bobby” Theron Burgess Sr. dedicated his life to serving DeKalb County. (Photo courtesy Robert Burgess Jr.)

Robert Burgess Sr., 83: Former DeKalb police chief

Throughout his 45-year career at the DeKalb County Police Department, former police chief Robert “Bobby” Burgess Sr. was known for his expectation of excellence. And he was extremely proud to carry on a centurylong family tradition of serving DeKalb County. “Generations of Burgess men were in the DeKalb County government ...

Norman Wolfe (seated) with Bob Cohn, founders of PR firm Cohn & Wolfe.

Norman Wolfe, 87: Former public relations executive

Norman Wolfe started out professionally as a journalist at the Daytona Beach News Journal in 1953, but it was public relations that would one day take his name around the world. A native of Toledo, Ohio, Wolfe, a true newspaperman, climbed the ladder of the fourth estate quickly, his son ...

Mary Horder

Dr. Mary H. Horder, 68: Delivered 10,000 babies, here and in Rwanda

Over her nearly 40-year medical career, Dr. Mary Horder delivered, by her estimate, 10,000 babies, the majority of them at Gwinnett County’s Eastside Hospital, and in the process she kissed each newborn on the forehead. For the past decade, she continued delivering and kissing babies, but in this case as ...

Betty Painter

Betty Claire Farmer Painter, 88: Loved family, gardening

Betty Painter loved to help things grow. Whether it was her garden, her daughters or her community, she always took a nurturing role. The garden “is where my mom felt the most peace and harmony,” said Sally Painter of Portland, Ore. Painter’s home was featured in the Decatur Garden Show ...

Jane Young Coomer

Jane Y. Coomer, 73: First principal at Chattahoochee Elementary

Jane Coomer did not shy away from a challenge. In 1989, as she was preparing to open Chattahoochee Elementary, she was informed by the superintendent of Gwinnett schools that a child infected with AIDS would be among her students. “When the TV cameras showed up at the school, she said, ...

758 items
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